About Us

Luxey International (Holdings) Limited is listed on the gem board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code :8041).

  • Gay Giano & Cour Carre

    GAY GIANO was established in 1980 with the aim of bringing to Hong Kong ready-towear private label man and women's designer fashion. The founder believed that designer fashion's increasing popularity in Europe had yet to be effectively marketed in Hong Kong. The first brand GAY GIANO aims to generate wearable art works with infinite creative design, simple elegance cutting and understand sexy outlook for the customer. The target group of GAY GIANO are trendy customers, celebrities and artists.

    Considering the success of GAY GIANO. The group increased in market penetration by introducting COUR CARRE in 1991.

    COUR CARRE is specially designed for modern professional and business executives who wish to wear smart fashionable clothes while at the same time conforming to accepted office wear.
  • BabyBamBoo

    BabyBamBoo is the group buying website. The Company specializes in e-commerce, online and offline shopping. Babybamboo features deals at unbeatable prices for you to experience in Hong Kong: buffets, hotpots, bars, cinemas, spas, creative class, and more.
  • Yofiel International Group Limited

    Yofiel International Group Limited, which provides wide range of stylish lingerie and swimwear, was founded in 2010.

    “Angevil”, which is a lingerie brand owned by Yofiel with support of both lingerie & swimwear factories in the production. In addition, showroom, directly-managed store and franchisees provide different channels for entering the large consuming market.

    “Angevil” is a Korean brand which specially designed for local stars and mainly dressed in parties. Being internationalized, “Angevil” has focused on designing wide range of products including bras, briefs & nightclothes for the ladies at the age group of 20-35. With the unique styles and characters, “Angevil” has become a trendy and attractive lingerie brand to the young women and hence more popular in the market.